Indulge in the phalanxed view

This blog is controlled, operated and written by Dion McNeil. Dion is a 29 year old combat veteran. Dion is soon to be a stay at home father who wished to share opinions, facts and promote discussion of social issues through this blog. Feel free to read, comment and share this blog around.

Please share, comment and spread the word around about this blog. Email us at and comment with suggestions, comments and questions. We welcome all inquiries. An important rule for this blog is that no voice will be marginalized in such a way that the said voice will not be heard. Unless a comment is deemed to be spam, outright threatening or presents criminal activity nothing will be blocked or deleted. The idea is to create an engaging environment and promote the exchange of ideas even if someone were to disagree with every piece of material found on this blog.

We must stress that nothing will be off the table on this site. Any and everything will be discussed. Of course, given the nature of blogging there will be opinions shared but each opinion will only be based off of information that will be made available in every blog piece. If someone feels like the information presented isn’t accurate or is demeaning to them or to someone else that person should contact us.

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