Phalanx Unhinged: Free Speech Rant

If it’s one thing I’m personally sick of it is the PC culture. Another issue that I’m absolutely had enough of entirely comes down to the people who enact the PC culture. I think many of us have made comments with people around us or made a social media posting with all the good intentions in the world to only have someone take offense to what was said. To be honest those people have the free speech to be as politically correct as they want to be. But when we start seeing people taking this concept a little too seriously there is a serious disconnect with reality.

Let’s get one thing straight and inform everyone who wants to police language that nobody is obligated to listen to them nor does anyone have to take them seriously. The purposes of shutting down free speech is anyone’s guess but we have some guesses based off of the trend. Now of course there will be those people who will say, “what about feelings” or “do you want to be offensive?” To that I say, “actually, yes.” I do want to be offensive because from what I noticed these people will be offended on behalf of people who they claim are strong but are still marginalized. If those people who are supposedly being represented can be squashed by mere words then marginalization isn’t their only issue.

This will come across as rude. Hell the whole blog post will come across as a bit rude. However these things need to be said. Often times people try to use my dark skin as a weapon to try to silence me by making the inevitable, “I wouldn’t call you a nigger.” Let me make sure everyone is aware of this so there is no confusion. I don’t care. No, seriously, I don’t care, I’m not concerned and I’m not even going to respond to you. Why? Like my mother used to always say, “Dion, it’s not what you’re called but it’s what you answer to.” If you were to call me a nigger I wouldn’t care because neither my name is nigger or am I nigger. In fact, I would appear to be putting in hard work to not laugh in your face if you were to refer to me with that term. Sure, it is derogatory but the very essence of being derogatory is life.

What we find out of these politically correct police force SWAT special forces types is that they’ll substitute being offended by becoming the offender. How many people have been scolded for using the word “retard” to only have someone call them a jackass for using that word? Wait, is that how it works? You just act in the very same manner you want to demonize someone for and then expect for someone, or even a rational person, to remotely take you seriously? I’m writing this blog but I wouldn’t dare tell others that they have to listen to me. I wouldn’t say they have to care. To be honest if people didn’t care about a word I said I would be perfectly content with my life. I don’t need validation, recognition nor do I require people to nod and agree.

Some of you reading this, if any of you read it at all, look at this blog post you’re going to be offended as I suspect many of you are liberal. Yes, while being a cultural marxist is a term that was invented by conservatives or even the term politically correct was created by the same types of people we know that a lot of terms and concepts exchange hands. Only a fool wouldn’t see this as we know the conservatives of yesterday are not in any way the conservatives of today. Who cares who invented the term? Like the comical cat photos spread across social media, “if it fits I sits.” Yes, it fits you regressive left. I’m not on the right. I mostly identify with the left and love the left to a certain extent. But I love enough to know to call you on your nonsense.

PC culture has gotten so out of control because of this constant victim narrative spread across the board. What kind of idiotic mindset does one have to be in to tell me, a black man who is a direct descendant of a slave, that I’m “mansplaining” to them when all I did was disagree with them while that person is a white woman? What kind of logically bankrupt way of thinking does one have to possess to tell others that criticizing an ideology that isn’t limited to one racial identity that they are racist for doing so? Look, just because you feel like someone is marginalized, you belong to a racial identity that may have had members who harmed others of another group in the past and/or just because you want to control language doesn’t mean I can’t take your opinion, bottle it up and try to mimic Tom Brady by sending it spiraling into an ocean of forgotten thoughts.

If this sounds like an angry rant to you then congratulations for recognizing the obvious. I am angry. It’s one thing to have “sheeple” to listen to what the media tells them, listen to cultural authoritarians and people who just don’t know when to quit. It is another thing to have atheist led conferences de-platform brilliant minds like Richard Dawkins for re-tweeting a video that was deemed offensive. It is another thing when we see people losing their jobs when they are Noble Prize winners. It is another thing when we see women who happen to be a comedian who makes an AIDs joke, flies to Africa and to find herself demonized and people taking pictures of her before she spends more than five minutes in the continent.

To those who want to control language and tell others what they can and cannot say you have to understand the lunacy in your way of thinking. You see if this were limited to just words I wouldn’t be so motivated to rail against you. No, you stretch that same nonsense to shirts as a certain brilliant mind who landed a probe on a comet found out, to art, video games, social media and in almost any walk of life. You are insane. No, I said it. Am I being offensive? Good. Be offended.

To those of you who are sick of this nonsense you need not fear. These types of people tend to cannibalize each other. Whenever someone sets ridiculous standards on society and culture in any part of the world that person typically ends up being a victim of those standards. It is synonymous with the Catholic church setting prudish standards of dress and sexual relations to only learn that a lot of the same people preaching that nonsense were guilty of crimes worse than the ones those people preached about. So, please, go right on ahead cultural authoritarians. Please, cannibalize yourselves faster and forego the waiting.

End of rant.


Dion Mcneil is the writer for Phalanx Media. Follow us on TwitterTumblr and Facebook. If you want to email us suggestions for blog posts to write email us at and as always thank you for reading! Remember always be skeptical, question everything and don’t be a sheeple.


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